. . . Thursday September 2, 2004

The Potus Always Rings Twice

There were two distinct parts of the President’s convention speech. The domestic section and the war on terrorism section. W performed well in the first half (although I disagree with most of the policies mentioned) and even better in the second. There is no denying that while he still stumbles on press conferences and interviews, he has become an excellent speech-giver and his writers know how to write for him.

There were a few shots at Hollywood, the Media, etc, but they were worked in with humor. I’ve rarely seen a guy enjoy himself more while giving a speech. He looked like he was actually licking his chops on a couple of occasions.

The video montage, the entrance, the comments directed towards working moms, the decision to speak directly to soldiers and the refrains nothing will hold us back and you know where I stand were all effective.

Overall, the convention worked and W did what he had to do. But there were also plenty of falsehoods and cheapshots throughout the week. The highly unfair and personal attacks on Kerry may or may not come back to haunt a President who tonight tried diligently to rise above the mudpit he and his team have created and overseen.

Those scoring at home have got to give the convention performance edge to the Republicans (even with a terrible third night). And getting the last at bat certainly helps promote that perspective. Let the games begin.

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