. . . Wednesday September 22, 2004

Political, Personal and Plan

With John Kerry honing his message on Iraq (and I hear he’ll be doing the same when it comes to questions about our overall strategy in the war on terror), the Bush team continues its strategy of making the political personal. The GOP has run ads mocking Kerry and the Veep explained that Kerry is “someone who lacks the resolve, the determination and the conviction to prevail in this conflict.”

In fact this isn’t a debate about resolve, determination or conviction at this point. Any hint that the next president (whoever it turns out to be) will not bring these qualities to the war on terror is a red herring. What we need is a debate about plans, actions and leadership (domestic and international).

And the first test of those qualities is taking place as the situation in Iraq spirals. Personal attacks, fear mongering, and continually verbalizing our resolve are not going to solve these problems.

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