. . . Friday September 17, 2004

Point, Counterpunch

A few days ago I linked to a Michael Tomasky article in which he argued that the GOP decided months ago to fight this campaign on character (specifically, attacking John Kerry’s) instead of fighting it on the issues.

Here’s an idea of how that works.

This week, John Kerry gave a speech to the National Guard during which he blamed Bush for rushing to war, for not letting inspectors have enough time to complete their tasks, for not earning the support (financial and military) of many key allies, for not properly planning for the aftermath of major combat, for diverting resources from Afghanistan and homeland security, and for misleading the American public about why we were going to war in the first place.

The Bush team’s immediate response:

In his speech, John Kerry was “resorting to personal attacks, monday morning quarterbacking, defeatism and pessimism.”

All right then. Good debate.

Now I know that someone on the Bush rapid response team forgot to question Kerry’s patriotism. But I imagine they figured they were sort of pushing the envelope with the charge that Kerry was resorting to personal attacks. I wonder if they’re ever tempted to include a laugh track?

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