. . . Wednesday September 22, 2004

The Pill Pop

Let’s go fill our prescription, eh?

It turns out the more and more local governments and about 2 million individual custumers are defying the FDA and the Bush administration by filling their prescriptions in Canada.

This brings us back to the framing of issues and the limitations of that tactic. President Bush has repeatedly described this as a protection issue. As President, his number one job is to protect us and in this case, he is protecting us from those dangerous Canadian prescription drugs (even though many of them are the exact same pills made in the exact same place by the exact same company).

Bush has been effective at framing issues to make it look like he is protecting us (and in this case, not functioning as the salesperson in chief for the pharmaceutical companies). So then when does such an effort to frame an issue hit a brick wall?

When people’s wallets reframe the issue.

Concentration is important!