. . . Thursday September 2, 2004

A Pataki on the Back

I was surprised that Gov Pataki went so negative in his speech, not to mention his elementary school teacher style of delivery. The remarks about the past administration and Osama (pre-9/11) were horribly offensive and disingeneous. I agreed with almost none of his points. He may have delivered more low blows than anyone yet (including former Heavyweight contender Andrew Golata). I don’t think he helped the cause at all with undecideds and/or moderates.

But I have to give him credit for this. He shared some moving stories about New York and the country and resisted the temptation to make those stories part of his major speech. Instead, he clearly separated the thank yous to Americans who helped New York in its time of need from what he called “some business” he had to do. That was pretty cool. (From there, it was pretty bad though).

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