. . . Monday September 27, 2004

MyYahoo: Say Hello to a Really Big RSS Reader

In a much-awaited move, Yahoo has launched the beta of an all new MyYahoo. There are numerous new features and design and layout choices. But the big news is the total incorporation of RSS into the MyYahoo world.

This is the right move at the right time for Yahoo. And all the recent blog-related press aside, this could be huge news for personal publishers whose content will now be sprinkled in with mainstream headlines. Sure, this has been the case with many excellent RSS readers for quite some time. But Yahoo is now educating the masses. And they’re off to a great start with this new product. As long as headlines link to sites on the web, RSS will want to be in the browser. And it belongs alongside all of your other regularly updated content such as weather, stocks, webmail, etc.

Get an early jump on the crowds and migrate your MyYahoo to the new version now.

And don’t forget to add Davenetics* and Electablog* to your MyYahoo to keep up with all the latest headlines and blurbs from both.

I’ve long believed that spam led to the rise of blogs and rss. Email was the killer app and newsletters were the best way to communicate with a wide audience. But spam and spam filters have crushed the opt-in newsletter option. Blogs and RSS have been around for years. The continuing nuisance of spam is helping to make both increasingly ubiquitous. And start-up pages such as MyYahoo are the next best thing to what your inbox once was.

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