. . . Tuesday September 14, 2004

La Pierre, D.C.

Now that the Assault Weapons Ban has been lifted (and replaced by an assault on our sense of decency and judgement), House Republicans hope to use their momentum to sweep away just about all of the gun control legislation in Washington, D.C.

There is some question about whether or not the Senate will support the House on this one. But limited gun control advocates (in other words, the vast majority of you including gun owners) should never bet against the political militia known as the NRA. If anyone can get more guns on the streets of our crime-infested capital, they can.

In fact, the NRA is so sweepingly dominant in political circles, they don’t even bother to have reasonable debate points related to their major fights. They simply talk around issues, avoid logic and jabber on. And why not? They know that there is no force in American politics that can stand up to them. Even the just-expired ban on certain weapons only had a limited reach.

Take a look at yesterday’s Newshour interview featuring NRA head Wayne La Pierre. He knows that (even with a French name) he doesn’t even have to try.

EJ Dionne Jr. reflects on the political dominence of the gun lobby.

“The expiration of the assault weapons ban was a depressing but potentially valuable lesson in the rancid politics of gun control.

Honest debate on gun policy is impossible because of the cynical absolutism of the current leadership of the National Rifle Association, the Republican Party’s dependence on this interest group’s muscle and the fear that the NRA inspires among some Democrats…

But logic alone won’t settle this debate. Advocates of gun control need to be tough and resourceful. These are the traits they complain about in their adversaries — and must learn to emulate.”

Concentration is important!