. . . Thursday September 2, 2004

Kerry to Kickstart Response to Attackers

Has John Kerry been pushed to the edge? We may find out within an hour of the President’s convention address. Word is that Kerry will hold a midnight press conference in Ohio to answer his attackers regarding his Vietnam experience and his ability to be commander in chief. Kerry will also defend his voting record and counter the various claims made by Zell Miller, Cheney and others at the convention.

The Preisdent’s speech and the Kerry press conference will provide the most important and interesting moments in the election so far and could go a long way towards defining how things play out in the homestretch. Kerry needs to hit back hard (yes, that means calling out guys like Cheney for attacking a soldier when they chose to stay home). But he also needs to exit counterpunch mode and take over the steering wheel of this campaign.

If you’re a political junkie, you’re pretty amped right about now.

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