. . . Monday September 20, 2004

It’s a Show About Something

I have often found myself making the same point as Syracuse media professor Robert Thompson makes in this article about the release of Paris Hilton’s memoirs.

“In the old days, you were a celebrity because you were good at something. Now there is a whole new subset of celebrities who are being created essentially for the sake of being famous. For someone known for being a beautiful party girl, a video like that is like a promotional device. I think it did wonders for that series.”

But technically, isn’t Paris Hilton famous precisely because she’s pretty good at something? And isn’t that something pretty much the favorite past time (with all due respect to baseball) of the average American male?

Isn’t giving a blowjob on video and sharing it to the world, regardless of your interest in such things, most definitely something?

Matt LeBlanc is famous for nothing. Paris Hilton is famous for something.

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