. . . Wednesday September 8, 2004

Genesis Crash Sign of Things to Come Under Kerry

The Genesis spacecraft crashed in the desert this morning after its parachute failed to open. Dick Cheney explained that the dangerous failure was likely due to those voters who are even thinking about voting for Kerry. Cheney also made reference to the recent hurricanes in the swing state of Florida and suggested that as president, Kerry would be soft on weather.

If nothing else, you’d think the Bush/Cheney team had at least rid us of the notion that there may be something to this whole Karma thing. The Dad brought out Willie Horton. It worked. They went after McCain in 2000. It worked. They attacked Kerry’s military record even though they avoided Vietnam. It worked.

Is there anything called Karma? We may find out. Cheney’s suggestion that we would be in greater danger of a terrorist attack under Kerry is the worst kind of fear mongering. If this one doesn’t come back to bite them in the ass, maybe there really is no such thing as Karma.

New Kerry campaign slogan: What comes around, goes around.

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