. . . Friday September 17, 2004

Fainting Spells

In an editorial, Colin Powell makes the administration’s case for Iraq:

“Is success guaranteed? No. Is it going to be dangerous? Yes. But now is not the time to be faint of heart. Our task is important, and America will stay the course to see a free, peaceful and democratic Iraq.

“When this fighting has been brought under control, the people of the world will see Iraqis in charge of their own destiny – moving forward toward an election that will provide for a representative form of government that offers hope and determination for the future.”

Of course, Powell is right that this is not the time to be faint of heart. But the problems facing the U.S. today in Iraq may have a lot more to do with being faint of intellect. Of course we need to complete the task of helping Iraq to move towards democracy. How best to accomplish that task is what we should be debating. Wanting to come up with the right answer (and not just the right answer for the campaign trail) certainly doesn’t make on faint of heart.

Concentration is important!