. . . Thursday September 9, 2004

Failure to Care

There are now new reports of the President’s failure to perform all of his duties in the National Guard during the Vietnam era.

Oh, and it looks like people pulled strings to help a young W avoid Vietnam.

We Democrats should feel pretty good about this. After all, we are giving the President a little of his own medicine. But wait. Everyone knows that rich and connected guys could get out of going to Vietnam. And everyone also knows that it really doesn’t matter how well W performed as a member of the National Guard several decades ago.

And to be honest, I don’t feel all that good about this. Even dipping a toe into the cesspool of tactics used by the Bush/Cheney team makes me ill. But on a more fundamental level, I don’t think that winning the debate over W’s National Guard record wins this election. That will require winning the debate over what he has been doing over the last few years. And I tend to think that any cycles not spent on that debate are a big relief at Bush campaign headquarters.

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