. . . Wednesday September 15, 2004

Electablog Exclusive: Beyond the F Word

Between W’s often garbled sentences and Cheney’s occasional expletives, it may seem a bit hard to believe that much of the language and messaging that has been powering the Bush campaign has been built up over the last three decades. Millions of the dollars and years of strategic development have led to the recent GOP ascension. At the core of this movement is the framing of issues and the use of language. I’ve written about these strategies many times in the past.

The naming of programs, the attacks on the media, the ridiculing of the intellectual elite; all of this is part of a longstanding strategy developed in well-funded think-tanks and delivered with partywide discipline. One of the experts on how this strategy was developed is George Lakoff, Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science. In the video piece How Progressives and Democrats Can Win, Lakoff (a Kerry advisor who Howard Dean describes as, “One of the most influential political thinkers of the progressive movement.”) describes how the Right has used language and the framing of issues to their advantage and offers some thoughts about how Progressives can respond.

Electablog has the exclusive streaming version of How Progressives and Democrats Can Win (running time about 25 minutes). Check out the streaming version in Windows Media (recommended) or Quicktime formats below.

Part One | Part Two

Part One | Part Two

To find out more and order your copy of the DVD, visit WinWithLanguage.com. I highly recommend it. Whether you’re a political observer or an active participant the DVD is well worth a look.

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