. . . Monday September 20, 2004

The Docudrama

It looks like CBS will finally stop vouching for the validity the Bush National Guard documents. I’m just glad it’s over. I didn’t care about the story in the first place. I think it’s exciting that bloggers were at the center of uncovering this story and that bloggers may serve as a check and balance on mainstream news sources in the future.

But ultimately, I never thought the documents or the story helped the Dems at all (although the CBS stonewalling and the size of this story likely hurts them). For weeks, the goal of the Kerry campaign has been (or should have been) to get the hell out of the 70s. This story just put them right back there.

If it turns out that these fake memos came from a Democrat hoping to try out some of the GOP’s dirty tricks, then it will mark an epic failure of judgment. The story was a net negative when it looked like it was true. And it’s a disaster now that it’s been proven false.

Here is an old interview with Bill Burkett (the guy presumably behind at least part of the CBS story) from Hardball.

And there are plenty of interesting takes over at PressThink.

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