. . . Monday September 27, 2004

Did Abizaid Just Embolden the Enemy?

John Thune on Meet the Press (on Tom Daschle’s criticisms about the President’s Iraq strategy):

“His words embolden the enemy. I think they do. I think when you’ve got political leaders in your country, Tim, in a time of war, when you’ve got young men and women on the ground, South Dakota men and women, Guard men and women, active duty personnel, who are putting their lives at risk for the United States of America and you’ve got a leader from your state who is getting up and attacking in a way that completely undermines the morale of our troops, that’s wrong.”

General Abizaid on Meet the Press:

“Tim, I believe that debate in our country is what our country is all about. And if we’re successful out here, debate will be part of the future of Afghanistan, it’ll be part of the future of Iraq and it will be part of the future of all of the Middle East. As a matter of fact, as I look around the Middle East, we’re going through a revolutionary times right now and debate is happening everywhere. So that there is a debate is certainly a good thing for the peoples of the region. That there’s a debate back home is a good thing for our people.”

How will John Kerry answer these charges (overt or suggested) on Thursday night? How about this?

Poor leadership and flawed strategies embolden our enemies. Public debate emboldens us.

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