. . . Friday September 10, 2004

Bad News for the Kids

It’s a long story, but this morning I spent several quality moments sniffing Bayer Children’s Chewable (and I can report, sniffable) Aspirin.

It brought back memories. Some things that are good just stay the same.

Other things that are good or even great get remade. Why? I understand the competition to come up with viable scripts and new ideas in Hollywood. I really do. But why can’t they keep their grimy hands off of the classics?

It’s bad enough when an idea is just stolen and reworked into a subpar movie (watch Big and 13 Going on 30 for details).

But why does today’s Hollywood need to soil the classic youth movies of yesteryear? It’s just been announced that Richard Linklater is set to direct a remake of The Bad News Bears starring Billy Bob Thornton and written by the creative team behind Bad Santa.

What kind of self delusion is required for any of these folks to think that they can touch Matthau? It’s second only in hubris to the folks who think they can special effect their way to outdoing Gene Wilder in another version of Willy Wonka.

What’s next, the Leroy Neiman remake of the statue of David?

Why not just re-release the original and let today’s kids see an already fantastic movie? Why not have some pride in your own industry’s heritage?

Concentration is important!