. . . Tuesday August 17, 2004

When Being Gay is Not Enough

There are some very interesting numbers coming out of a recent poll of voters in the state of New Jersey. It turns out that very few of them think that their governor resigned because he is gay or because he had an extramarital affair.

Part of this is obviously due to the fact that there are ongoing corruption investigations being covered by the New Jersey press and voters have become savvy enough to assume that the real reason behind a political decision is probably not the one they’re hearing in a speech.

But there is something more to these numbers. Only 8 percent of those polled indicated that they thought McGreevey was resigning because he was gay. There was certainly a time in the not so distant past that the notion of a politician’s sexual orientation costing him his job wouldn’t seem so far fetched.

New Jersey voters seem to be saying, “OK, you’re gay and you cheated on your wife. But what’s the real issue here?”

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