. . . Monday August 9, 2004

TiVo: Waking Up on the Death Bed

TiVo is a noun and a verb and a way of entertainment life for millions of loyal users. But they may very well be left out of the revolution they created.

With new choices on the horizen, TiVo has decided to step up their marketing campaign and lower prices. But is it too little too late? The software should have been freely licensed to hardware manufacturers from the beginning. The marketing message should have been all about a next generation VCR instead of pausing live TV and the introduction of new features that only complicated the sales pitch for non-geeks.

The new TiVo ad campaign slogan gets closer to the right message. It went from “TiVo is TV your way,” to “You have a life. TiVo gets it.”

I prefer, VCRs suck. This doesn’t. In the next 15 seconds I’m going to show you how to make sure you never miss your favorite shows again.

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