. . . Monday August 9, 2004

The Stem Cell Sell

Kerry has been hitting hard on the stem cell issue. Edwards has now been chiming in as well and called today (the anniversary of Bush’s limit on federal funds for stem cell research) “a sad anniversary.”

And now even Laura Bush is is getting into the act making a rare foray into a policy discussion.

And it is good.

I believe that in the upcoming years, efforts in California and elsewhere will help to undermine Bush’s limitations on research. But in the meantime, this really is an ideal issue to debate. One can certainly understand the Bush position. His religious beliefs and desire to satisfy the base are never far from policy decisions.

What we have here is an issue about which the campaigns have a very real and very important divide. It goes beyond healthcare and into the realm of science vs religion. There are no nuances here.

This a straight up policy dispute and voters can pick the side that makes more sense and vote accordingly. Refreshing in a way, isn’t it?

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