. . . Tuesday August 31, 2004

The Ruling Parties

From The Note:

There is a creeping fear among some Democrats that they are up against a party that knows and lives by the following:

First Rule of Politics: “It ain’t beanbag.”

Second Rule of Politics: “Never lose control of your public image, but force your opponent to lose control of his.”

Third Rule of Politics: “In times of battle, all hands on deck.”

Fourth Rule of Politics: “Keep your candidate above the fray, but force your opponent to debate and defend against surrogates and shadowy, ferocious enemies.”

Fifth Rule of Politics: “Say thing that get under your opponent’s skin, and which will sound so implausible to his ear that at first he won’t bother to defend himself.”

If this is true, then the Dems only have two reasonable options.

First Option: Start playing by these rules.

Second Option: Make new rules.

Not an Option: Playing by these rules but not playing that well.

Concentration is important!