. . . Monday August 9, 2004

Raising the Political Tone Alert

Two things could’ve happened when latest terror alerts interrupted both campaigns last week. The first was that the alerts could’ve been dealt with appropriately by both parties and kept out of the political mud pit. The second was that the alerts and the war on terror could be turned into just another topic, ripe for loading into a water balloon and hucking at your opponent.

Anyone surprised by which thing happened?

I plan to keep partisanship out of this post. This stat, I think, it univerally upsetting. Nearly 40% of those polled (a number low enough to be considered positive news by some) think that the Bush administration would use a terrorism alert for poltical purposes.

That kind of a number represents a whole lot more than just the 30th anniversary of Watergate and birth of modern poltical cynicism. It’s downright depressing. If this keeps up, I may start importing my drinking water from the U.K.

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