. . . Tuesday August 31, 2004

The Pretty Straight Talk Most of the Time Express

I can see how the partisan nature of a the last few months of a closely contested election puts John McCain in a difficult spot. But it is precisely during these moments when the voting public can most use a long ride on the Straight Talk Express (not the Pretty Straight Talk Most of the Time Express).

Last night, McCain spoke of one America and unity and duty. Would it have been so terrible if McCain told us what he really thinks about the swift boat ads and other pathetic political tactics being employed on behalf of his team? He had no problem blasting Michael Moore. But straight talk should mean being straight with people even when it will not necessarily get a big ovation from everyone in an arena.

Criticizing Michael Moore at a Republican convention is about as risky as passing on the pork chops at a bar mitzvah. Of course, there are few politicians (and few columnists and bloggers for that matter) who would dare to criticize the behavior of their own Party (or those who work on behalf of their Party) during a critical moment of an election cycle.

I just thought John McCain was one of the few.

Take a look at how John McCain really feels about the swfit boat ads: “If they question Kerry’s medals, they question everybody’s medals. All those men who found it so hard to come home, who found so little gratitude for their sacrifices when they got here, are going to feel mistreated again. The families of the people whose names are on the monument in Washington will feel wronged, too. The painful wounds we all worked so hard to close will all be reopened. We’ve got to get that garbage off the air as soon as we can.”

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