. . . Monday August 16, 2004

The President as Afternoon Talkshow Host

Don’t be surprised one weekend to hear the President stop short during his Saturday morning radio address to say: “OK, now let’s open this thing up to some callers.”

It wouldn’t seem that unlikely given the Bush campaign’s ongoing love affair with their own traveling Ask the President show. These events are packed with evagenicals and friendly crowds (the latter is of course a feature of most political events) and the audience members either ask softball questions, make a favorable comment or drop a few unsubtantiated blasts onto the reputation of John Kerry (which go un-refuted). And the main man is in shirtsleeves as he loves to be, talking of pick-up trucks, being tough and growing up in the badlands of Kennebunkport.

The sessions have made Bush look smooth and have irritated the increasingly bored members of the press who only wish they got a chance to ask a few unscripted questions. But ultimately, it’s pretty tough to rip the President for having QandA sessions with voters. And that’s the last piece of the puzzle. If Bush loses this election, Dr. Phil better watch his back.

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