. . . Wednesday August 18, 2004

Pitching to the Protesters

You’ve got to love Mayor Bloomberg’s New York message to political protesters who plan to descend on New York City during the GOP covention.

Give us your money.

In a time when the FBI is knocking on dissident’s doors and the administration regularly questions the patriotism of those who question their policies, it’s nice to see that someone has remembered the true spirit of American capitalism. You want to protest? Fine, you’ll need a place to stay and meals to eat. If your wallet is full, then you and your issues are welcome here. With messaging like that, New York is essentially turning itself into a shrink’s office.

The city even has a website aimed at welcoming peaceful political activists, and the Mayor’s marketing could not be more clear:

“New York is the place to get your message out, any message. It’s no fun to protest on an empty stomach. So you might want to try a restaurant. Or you might want to go shopping, maybe for another pair of sneakers for the march.”

Come to think of it, doesn’t it seem a little strange that Nike hasn’t come out with a peaceful marching shoe yet?

The Air Ghandi?

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