. . . Wednesday August 25, 2004

A Hip, A Hop and A Skip-Out

The word is that Laura Bush refused to attend a recent event if it meant that she would have to appear with, near or around PDiddy.

OK, if we were talking about Snoop Dogg, I could see her point (as she is strongly against the pornography and the sticky icky Snoop so loudly celebrates). And no one could blame Laura Bush for wanting to avoid Nelly whose biggest hit Hot in Herre (the second R was his idea) is a not so veiled front for environmentalists pushing the global warming hysteria to the reputational detrement of good old fashioned Texas crude. Or maybe if we were talking about 50 Cent, the First Lady’s hestitation would make sense. After all, the Gangsta Rappers for Truth have long insisted that 50 Cent was never actually shot in the line of the drug dealing or gang banging and that in fact his rough-guy image was entirely self-inflicted (not to mention recent claims that he was never actually In Da Club at all). And frankly, anyone would understand someone’s refusal to be seen with Jay-Z. After all, I think it’s safe to say that were all just a little pissed off that he got Beyonce.

But Sean John? Maybe this shows just how far I am from the Bush family politically. The only reason I even write this blog is on the off chance that someone who knows someone will read it and get me on the list of for one of PDiddy’s Hamptons parties.

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