. . . Tuesday August 17, 2004

Harkin Prioritizes

Tom Harkin blasted Dick Cheney for his disingenuous jabs at John Kerry for saying he would fight a more sensitive war on terror:

“When I hear this coming from Dick Cheney, who was a coward, who would not serve during the Vietnam War, it makes my blood boil. He’ll be tough, but he’ll be tough with someone else’s kid’s blood. It just outrages me that someone who got five deferments during Vietnam and said he had ‘other priorities’ at that time would say that.”

I’m not sure if, aside from the American voter, there is any real loser in this war of words. Cheney is obviously wrong. But the issue has been sort of framed in the way he and his want it to be (which is why he made that ridiculous speech in the first place).

But I wonder how the electoral mood might change if Kerry himself took the gloves off?

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