. . . Wednesday August 25, 2004

Failing the Commander in Chief Test?

For the better part of this week, President Bush has been calling for end to 527s (that he called bad for the system) and an end to their outside spending on ads for one campaign or the other.

I guess we’ll have to chalk up what happened next to the fog of war. Either the folks in the field didn’t understand the order, or the Commander in Chief hadn’t yet received an updated report from the the battlefield (one which indicated that his Troop 527 was finally gaining some ground on the ones favoring his opponnent).

Whatever the reasons, a major pro-Bush 527 (the Progress for America Voter Fund) answered his call for their own obliteration by announcing that they have raised millions and plan to raise millions more in the coming months and then unleash a series of ads to counter those by MoveOn, etc.

From the Progess for America Voter Fund’s president Brain McCabe: “We don’t disagree with the president’s take. But we can’t unilaterally disarm. There is extensive activity by the liberals, and we still need to counter them and level the playing field.”

In other words, we heard the order, we just refuse to follow it.

Doesn’t this get right to the heart of this election. Which candidate has what it takes to effectively lead this country in the war on terror terrible ads?

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