. . . Monday August 9, 2004

Do and Done

The American Progress Action Fund has a table that shows Bush’s 2000 campaign promises vs his actual deeds over the last four years. There are some interesting items, although I’m not so sure some of the financial stuff makes sense given the cost of our ongoing war efforts.

My favorite comparison has to do with the judicial nomination process.


“To restore confidence in government, George W. Bush will…return civility to the nomination process.”


When Democrats objected to the nomination of William Pryor to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the White House stood by its allies who leveled charges of anti-Catholic bias at the Democrats. When Sen. Patrick Leahy confronted Vice President Cheney about the impropriety of this charge on the Senate floor, Cheney civilly told him to “F*** off.”

I do worry that we focus too much on Cheney’s expletive laced day in the Senate. It may have been the only time over the last four years when I thought to myself: “Hey, I can sort of relate to this guy.”

It would be like hearing Darth Vader call someone dude.

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