. . . Wednesday August 18, 2004


John Kerry has criticized the Bush plan for a troop redeployment for being the wrong move at the wrong time.

“Why are we withdrawing troops from Korea at a time when we are negotiating with North Korea — a country that really has nuclear weapons?”

It makes sense for Kerry to criticize a plan if he sees problems with it. And it makes sense for Kerry, in doing so, to remind the public that he has served and therefore has a deep understanding of military issues.

But I am concerned about the constant flow of counterpunching. I know part of this is just the nature of running against a bully-pulpited incumbent. But I’d like to see Kerry on the front page pitching a plan on a topic that no one in the Bush campaign wants to deal with. In other words, I’d like to see team Kerry not only win the debate, but frame it.

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