. . . Friday August 13, 2004

Dealing with Terrorism, a Summary

Here’s a nicely written analysis of the dilemmas we face fighting a mostly military war on terror from Josh over at TPM. It’s a point that is wildly obvious yet often universally ignored:

“As the shrewdest thinkers on the left and the right concede on this issue, our true strategic challenges in the Muslim Middle East are not conventional military ones, but hearts-and-minds challenges. The trick is to figure out how we can solve or ameliorate that hearts-and-minds problem while simultaneously destroying the relatively small (in numerical terms) but highly lethal groups that constitute an imminent danger. Or, to put it more crisply, how do we wipe out al Qaida (and al Qaida-like groups) without generating so much bad blood in the Islamic world that the Islamic world keeps producing new al Qaidas faster than we can destroy them?”

Concentration is important!