. . . Tuesday July 27, 2004

Younging it Up

I was getting a bit worried about the generational thing when they brought out Peter, Paul and Mary earlier tonight (and they failed to play Puff the Magic Dragon, an anthem for those of us in the Party who did inhale). But I was quickly relieved and embarrassingly excited when out walked Ryan (otherwise known as actor Benjamin McKenzie) from the show The O.C..

I knew there would be one moment during this convention when my wife and her team at Splendora would be jealous of me. As you can see from this photo, I was just within about six hundred yards of a screen displaying Ryan. That oughta do it.

(Update: After receiving several emails and checking and rechecking, it is with sincere regret that I break this story. Ben’s last name is spelled wrong on the monitor. Somehow this hasn’t blown up into a major scandal, but this never would’ve happened to David Cassidy. Times have changed. Of course, maybe as one reader suggested to me, the DNC just refuses to focus to directly on any show owned by Fox.)

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