. . . Thursday July 8, 2004

Yanking Cheney

Given the events of the last forty-five minutes, how would you be likely to vote (assuming you had any idea what we’re talking about and can explain why you answered a pollster’s dinner-time phone call in the first place) if the election were held in the next five seconds?

We’re talking about a country in which forty percent of those polled still think Saddam was behind 9-11, so it’s difficult to imagine that the average American has sized up John Edwards and come to a new conclusion about the November election.

But while the Edwards related numbers in the latest instant poll probably don’t mean all that much, the Cheney numbers are worth another look.

While everyone from the President to b-tier pundits was sure that experience and the gravitas to be the main man issue would be Edwards’ key hurdle, it turns out that people feel more comfortable with idea of him in the Oval Office than Cheney.

When asked who would do a better job of running the country, Edwards topped Cheney 45%-38%. Pretty surprising considering we’re talking about a guy who has spent a lifetime at the highest levels of American politics.

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