. . . Tuesday July 13, 2004

What Women Want

Leave it to those like Bill O’Reilly (who regularly tells us what people like and don’t like – seamlessly interchanging the phrase most Americans for the pronoun I) to explain that: “Edwards is a smart choice for Kerry, because he appeals to women.”

The truth (which yes, I am boldly contrasting with O’Reilly’s comments) is that, Edwards who performed like Tony Manero among women voters in North Carolina, really hasn’t caused much of a bounce among women voters since his name was added to the Kerry placards and bus bumper stickers.

There are likely two reasons for this. First, it is just plain offensive to assume that women would be more likely to vote one way or another because they found one candidate more attractive. Second (and I’m being offensive here myself, but that element is somewhat tempered by the fact that I’m dead right), women are way more attracted to John Kerry than they are to John Edwards. Cute guys with wide smiles are what dudes think women like. Women like men who are more like, well, me.

If women were voting for president purely on the basis of looks, who do you think would win an election between Ryan Secrest and James Gandolfini?

No contest folks. Carmela would be redesigning the White House dining room before the polls closed.

Anyway, I know I’m getting dangerously close to channeling Wonkette, so I’ll stop here.

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