. . . Thursday July 22, 2004

What is Getting Media Coverage?

With fewer people planning to watch to the convention and networks devoting less time to the proceedings, Team Kerry will have a major challenge maintaining the spotlight throughout the week; especially when they will have to contend with constant efforts to distract launched by the opposing team (the timing of the Berger story is the first example), more debate over the 9-11 commission report (which is political, but hardly goes well with thousands of helium-filled balloons), and whatever other news stories threaten to rip attention away from what is a largely staged event.

But forget all that. If the Dems want our full attention next week, then this week they’ve got to do something to stop Ken Jennings.

Update: Scratch all that. While Jennings won again, it turns out the the show will be on a hiatus until September. So it’s the Republicans who will have to deal with the rising Ken Jennings fever sweeping the nation. Hey, in a race this close …

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