. . . Wednesday July 7, 2004

Tip Top Hip Hop

Let’s take a moment and consider the unlikely success of Maroon 5′s pop hit This Love. Why unlikely? The song, you might suggest, is decent enough and seems like it has the sound of a summer hit.

The success of Maroon 5′s single is unlikely not because of the song, but because of the genre. It’s pop. And it is the only pop song among radio’s top twelve most played songs during the first half of the year. And pop didn’t fare all that poorly. There were no rock songs in the top twelve. No country songs either.

Today’s radio dominance is all about hip hop, and within that genre, Usher has been remarkably dominant.

The top fifty songs break down like this:

Hip Hop: 56%

Pop: 18%

Rock: 14%

Country: 12%

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