. . . Thursday July 29, 2004

A Soldier’s Story

Wes Clark was great on paper as candidate. Smooth on television. Great military career. Energetic, honest, good looking.

But Clark never really amounted to all that much as a politician (and I’m not writing that as criticism).

Tonight, Clark left Wes the candidate behind and showed up as Wes the soldier. It is there, as himself, where he is at his best. This soldier’s story left viewers with a strong message. It is one we’ll see later in the evening. It’s about words v deeds. It’s about not letting any Party corner the market on patriotism or defense. Candidate Clark never really got going. Solider Clark? Once again, the story ends with the words: Mission accomplished.

“War. I’ve been there. Heard the thump of enemy mortars. Seen the tracers fly. Bled on the battlefield. Recovered in hospitals. Received and obeyed orders. Sent men and women into battle. Awarded medals, comforted families, attended funerals. And this soldier has news for you: Anyone who tells you that one political party has a monopoly on the best defense of our nation is committing a fraud on the American people. Franklin Roosevelt said it best: “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.

“This hall and this party are filled with veterans who have served under this flag – our flag. We rose and stood reveille to this flag. We saluted this flag. We fought for this flag. And we’ve seen brave men and women buried under this flag. This flag is ours! And nobody will take it away from us.”

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