. . . Friday July 30, 2004

Send in the Balloons

I’ve said from the beginning that I was looking forward to the balloons and the confetti. On the down side, the balloon release didn’t seem to go quite as well as organizers had hoped. On the plus side, our seats (being so very close to the rafters) afforded us the perfect vantage point to see the balloon nets and the confetti pumping machines in action.

So here is one last look at the sights at the final night of the convention in Boston.

Schedule Note: I will be on the road and only have intermittent web access for the next several days. Postings will be sporadic. And to give you a hint of where I’ll be, the posts just might be in Italian. I’m covering the sitting by the pool while drinking red wine convention in Tuscany. I only hope there will be balloons.

All of my convention coverage can be found by scrolling down on this page.

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