. . . Thursday July 22, 2004

Sandy Burglar?

There are a lot of questions that come to mind when you start reading about Sandy Berger and the case of the missing documents.

Some of the questions are pretty easy to answer.

Why is this story just breaking now when the initial investigation took place months ago? Hmmm.

Is this really a big enough deal that the President should be referring to it during appearances? Hmmm.

Would any voter really reconsider a voting choice because one of the candidates’s advisors (and in Kerry’s case, there are hundreds of them) was involved in something this odd? Probably not.

If Berger knew there was a potential for this story to break (and how could that be avoided during this period in the election cycle), then why didn’t he just ease himself out of a advisorial role with the Kerry campaign? It would have been better for Kerry and made the story a lot smaller which would have been better for his future career. And since there is really no logical way to come up with some broad and nefarious plan involving Kerry (who had access to the docs himself) or anyone else in the party, it is Berger’s own career that will likely be the only real casualty once all is said and done.

Was this behavior all that unusual? I have no clue.

Why did Berger do what he did?

That’s the hard one.

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