. . . Friday July 16, 2004

Rumor with a View

So it seems that the Cheney being off the ticket rumor just won’t die even though pretty much everyone who has commented on the topic insists that he’ll be on the ticket. Frankly, I would be less surprised to see W get booted leaving Cheney free to then pick another running mate for the top of the ticket.

So why does this rumor persist? It could be that those who oppose the administration are keeping the rumor alive. As long as the Cheney rumor stays afloat, readers and viewers are being bombarded by a clear message: The guy is a weakness and he hurts the ticket. That’s a pretty effective message if you’re on the other side. Forget whether you want him in office or not. His own team doesn’t want him there.

Oh yeah, and people are bored and love rumors.

So if it’s all hype directed at further weakening and already weakened candidate, then who’s behind it?

My guess? It’s the ducks.

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