. . . Monday July 12, 2004

The Rep-ford Wives

During the doubledate 60 Minutes interview, wives Kerry and Edwards performed admirably, especially when it came to Republican jabs about the size of their bank accounts. Teresa (the wildcard, in a good way, of this campaign) explained that no Republicans complained about her former husband’s (John Heinz, Rep, Penn.) wealth: “Those very same people never criticized my late husband for his money or his wealth – in fact, they used it. His money was just dandy.”

Elizabeth Edwards made an even better point when she explained that both men “voted against tax cuts that would have benefited them … Isn’t that what we want – a leader who looks at the greater good instead of simply what benefits the person himself?”

Of course, given that all four candidates are rich, it’s hard to believe that the Republicans are going to push too hard on the economic elite issue. Anyway, most Americans are pro-rich. We cheer for rich athletes in stadiums. We sing along with rich guys in arenas. We watch shows about rich families.

Whichever candidate has the guts to show up for a stump speech wearing some serious bling will absolutely run away with this election.

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