. . . Monday July 12, 2004

The Nucular Family

During a Q and A session with some regular folk, President Bush made the following remarks about the gay marriage amendment.

“And I repeat to you — my own view is, is that if a state — if people decide to — what they do in the privacy of their house, consenting adults should be able to do. This is America. It’s a free society. But it doesn’t mean we have to redefine traditional marriage.”

So it turns out (at least during off the cuff remarks) that the President’s position isn’t all that aggressive after all. But is it worth pretending to amend the Constitution to cover the definition of one word? (And that word is apparently traditional, not marriage).

Of course, during the same appearance, Bush made this comment: “One other thing about this job that I have is that when you say something, you need to say it clearly so people will understand.”

That could be a Kerry/Edwards campaign slogan at this point.

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