. . . Saturday July 24, 2004

Not The Same Old Song and Hate

The veteran pundits love to list off the ways that nothing is really new. All the past electoral and polling trends simply repeat themselves.

So if you think we’ve entered a new era of divisiveness and partisanship, then you’ve got to be wrong. Right?

Not exacly. It turns out even the numbers suggest that we’re more divided and more extreme in our partisanship than in elections past. What you’re feeling just may be right.

We finally figured out a way to make our generational mark on politics and it ends up being that we friggin’ hate each other with unprecedented fervor.

Next week in Boston will therefore present something of a conundrum for Democrats. We will be surrounded by like-minded folks. We’ll have to come up with some new reason to be irked at one another. Traffic perhaps?

Concentration is important!