. . . Wednesday July 14, 2004

Jenna, Barbara, Oscar, Calvin and Vogue

The Bush daughters are celebrating their official coming out into the political campaign world in the pages of Vogue (Jenna in de la Renta and Barbara in Calvin Klein). After so many years out of the (non red and spinning) spotlight, these two will likely garner a lot of attention and could help to re-establish a compassionate conservative message obliterated by by four years of pop’s behavior.

(Look for Kerry to counter this high brow photo-op with a picture of his kids plowing a field on the deck of a swift boat that is powering through Ohio).

I prefer to mark this moment in history in a different way. The Vogue spread comes a mere two decades before the Bush daughters will likely give a primetime address at the 2024 Democratic Convention.

Just a hunch.

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