. . . Monday July 26, 2004

How I Came to Boston and Missed the Story

The first informal event for many of the bloggers covering the convention was a gathering for drinks at a pub in Cambridge (somehow we managed to find the one place within 30 miles of the Fleet Center where you had to pay for your own drinks). My social skills don’t necessarily translate well from the blog post to the real world, so I spent some time sitting quietly in the corner as person after person entered the bar and looked over at the still stiff crowd and confidently muttered, “You must be the bloggers.”

After having a couple of beers and distancing myself from that Match.com feeling of meeting a bunch of people you’ve only known virtually, I managed to pass out a few of my newly minted business cards and was happy to meet in person some longtime blogging pals like Mathew Gross and Adam Mordecai.

There was the continued sense that we are not only the coverers but are somehow part of this story. I even spent a few minutes getting interviewed by Robert Smith of NPR (whose mic dimensions made me consider for a moment that the entire interview was a ruse set up by Wonkette).

One question for which I find that I have only a vague answer is what exactly I hope to cover in the coming days. On some level, I’ll be covering what I know best. The story of me at the convention (I’m confident it’ll be an exclusive). But beyond that, I find it somewhat ironic that bloggers have reached this milestone of getting a credential to an event where entering the venue may ultimately take one away from the story.

There are indeed two Americas. The one that will be in the arena. And the one that won’t. And only one of those Americas will have an impact on the electoral bottom line.

Virtually nothing about this election is riding on how well Kerry and Edwards play in the Fleet Center. The story here is how this thing plays on television. And I’m going to miss it because I’ll be, well, there.

Concentration is important!