. . . Thursday July 29, 2004

Hello Cleveland…

There is usually a moment during a rock concert, shortly after it begins, when the lead singer calls out to the lighter-holding, semi-sober, huddled masses:

“Hey. How you folks doing out there tonight? It’s great to be back in the name of your city here.”

And the place always goes nuts.

That sums up the environment here tonight. It is hours before Kerry will walk on the stage and I can already tell you that any question of having the show stolen by great speakers like Clinton and Edwards earlier in the week has already been answered.

The place is packed. It’s hot. We’re crammed in, sweaty shoulder to shoulder. It’s like being bumped around in an issues-oriented mosh pit. And the buzz is remarkable. At least inside the arena, even a phone book reading by Kerry will completely dwarf the rest of the week’s events.

The video montages are getting ovations.

I swear, if Kerry comes out here and asks: “How you folks doing out there tonight?” — the place will go berserk.

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