. . . Thursday July 29, 2004

Giving Props

I know sometimes (and this trend will only accelerate tonight) it seems like the balloon volunteers get all the credit.

But being here, I can tell you that one of the most amazing, stressful and difficult jobs is done by the folks who distribute the placards (and they look like just regular Americans). In between speeches, they emerge from nowhere wearing traffic director’s bibs and carrying hefty bags filled with the latest signs for the latest speech. They work their way through aisles where there is no room to move. They always look like they can’t get it done and then boom, there’s the Obama sign with the Obama speech and so on and so on.

It seems like such a ridiculous detail. But can you imagine a political speech without a placard? I am as much about the balloons and confetti as the next guy. But tonight, Placard People, I salute you.

Concentration is important!