. . . Monday July 26, 2004

Dropping the Gavin on the House

There’s nothing quite like running into a hometown guy when you’re on the road. That’s especially true when that guy is San Francisco Mayor and fast rising politician Gavin Newsom. During my brief talk with him, Newsom sounded off on last week’s debacle when (while a bipartisan commission was releasing its 9/11 report), hundreds of House members saw fit to push through another act to limit the courts in the fight over gay marriage.

Newsom, who has been a key leader in the move towards legalizing gay marriage, pulled no punches. He described the House efforts as “transparent (trying to create a cultural wedge in time for the election), pathetic and (given that the Amendment vote went down in flames), embarrassing.”

He’s frank. And he’s right. (Come on, that beats Fair and Balanced as a tagline any day.)

Newsom put his left coast cred firmly behind Kerry and said he thinks he is the right guy to rally the base. Does Newsom think that by the end of this week the election will be about Kerry and not just about “anyone but Bush?” Yes. And he expects every night to be an effort to get to that goal.

Keep an eye on Newsom. We’ve been watching him evolve over the years in SF. He is engaged, he has the right touch when meeting voters, and he even picked up my voice recorder when I nervously – after my Fritz Mondale encounter – flung it across the Westin Ballroom. His mayoral duties will merely mark the first stop on what promises to be a long career (unless he gets a bit burned out by a life of campaigning). And come on, the guy is almost as good looking as dude in the electablog logo…

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