. . . Monday July 12, 2004

Driving Dodgeball

According to Rusty Walker, interest in Dodgeball has increased twelvefold in the past few months (thanks in large part to the movie on the subject). And Walker, as the president of the International Dodgeball Federation, should know.

The game is actually being resurrected as an adult’s only game (the Spice Channel should be able to come up with something related to this trend, no?) as many educators have already sworn off the competition because of it’s violent nature and unique ability to humiliate participants. It’s a bit sad that we are that worried about our kids having a tough time in any of their activities. They are protected from flying balls on the playground and gutterballs at the bowling alley. Their lives are scheduled from morning until night.

Next we’ll hear that they’re getting rid of Hopscotch because one-legged kids often mistakenly feel their being ridiculed.

In the meantime, the over-eighteen crowd is enjoying the resurgence of dodgeball. Kickball has been back for awhile. I’m still waiting for tetherball.

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