. . . Sunday July 25, 2004

Dr. Blogger?

With all the pub surrounding blogs (including a full page in the LA Times), one could be forgiven for mistaking this week’s convention for some kind of a blogging coming out party. This movement has snowballed into something that most resembles those old I’m a Pepper, She’s a Pepper, He’s a Pepper ads for Dr. Pepper.

The question on this eve of the convention is: Wouldn’t you like to be a blogger too?

Everyone, it seems, has jumped on the blogging bandwagon – from the Chicago Trib to Howard Fineman and the gang from Hardball who have joined with Joe Trippi to launch something called Hardblogger (I would’ve selected the name Hardblog or gone all the way with Hardbloggest).

Man, it’s getting crowded on the cutting edge. But now that everyone’s doing it, are the original bloggers (and by original, I merely mean those who were doing it as of, say, last Wednesday) still cool? We may have to move on to the next mode of communication in order to stay hip.

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