. . . Monday July 19, 2004

Desperado Hits a Flat Note

It looks like at least one thing doesn’t go in the Sin City. Linda Ronstadt was booed of stage after she praised Michael Moore as a “great American patriot.”

Ronstadt (who didn’t have good things to say about the hotel and casino before her show which makes me question the particulars of this whole story) then was surrounded by bedlam.

Management at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino decided the booing wasn’t enough and they refused to let Ronstadt back into the luxery suite she had booked for the evening.

Vegas casinos usually only kick you out of your room if you’ve found a way to beat their table games. I have a feeling we’ll hear of a card-counting angle before this story is over.

Updates: here and here. It turns out that the bedlam was actually a mix of jeers and cheers. She did get asked to leave the casino though.

Hey, wouldn’t it be sort of funny if Ronstadt moved a few doors down and started performing at Paris?

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